Collaboration with UK Freight Association to drive logistics education and recruitment

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has established a new collaboration programme with South Hampshire College Group (SHCG) to help develop and deliver courses that make students attractive candidates for roles within the logistics sector.

This is an extension of a campaign the trade association that represents the UK freight forwarding sector started in 2021 to encourage its members to work with schools and colleges to promote careers in logistics, forwarding and supply chain management.

The collaboration will see BIFA and SHCG work together through continuous and structured interaction to engage with the extensive community of BIFA members in the Solent region.

A key objective will be to inform and update BIFA members about the skills courses that SHCG runs that are relevant to the logistics sector; whilst enabling them to provide input into those courses to ensure students have the essential foundation knowledge they need for a successful career within the industry.

Through its Solent regional group, BIFA will be encouraging its members to engage with SHCG students to provide valuable insight into the many aspects of logistics and the wide variety of career opportunities that are available.

There will be an initial meeting at SHCG’s Eastleigh College on 29th February to share further information and have an open discussion with attendees as to how best to work together to achieve the objectives, and set up and run a continuous and structured dialogue between BIFA members and SHCG.

Carl Hobbis, BIFA Member Services Director says: “Brexit, the Covid pandemic, and now the crisis in the Red Sea, have put global supply chains in the news more than ever, so what a great time to encourage someone to consider a career in the international freight sector that manages those supply chains.”

Anoushka Ottley, Executive Director of Business & Partnerships at South Hampshire College Group, says: “We’re excited to be working in partnership with BIFA to help raise greater awareness of the many career opportunities within the logistics sector and to further develop our high-quality training to meet the current and future skills requirements across the Solent region.”

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